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Harris Sarratt and Hodges is a spirited litigation law firm offering big firm experience in a small firm environment. Our attorneys received our training and practiced for years in large multidisciplinary law firms. Over time, we began to chafe at certain constraints that are part and parcel of the big firm experience. The economics of the big firm necessarily limit the field of cases and clientele available for representation. In time, we decided to strike out on our own in hopes of bringing our sophisticated legal skills to bear on a greater variety of cases for the benefit of a greater variety of clients.

What this means for you is that, at Harris Sarratt and Hodges, you get big firm know-how, without the big firm expense. In addition to bringing excellent legal skills to bear on your case, we also pride ourselves on offering personalized attention and hands-on treatment of your legal matter. With us, you will not have to go through multiple people to get your questions answered or needs addressed. The attorney handling your case is your contact person, period.

Another important feature of Harris Sarratt and Hodges is our enthusiasm. Because we exercise our freedom to take only the cases we like, we are passionate in our representation. We care about our clients’ cases as much as they do; sometimes, we think, more. When the facts and law are pitted evenly on both sides, a lawsuit’s outcome often turns on the zeal of your attorney’s representation. Zealous representation is our promise to you.

We are proud of our firm and the service we provide. For the highest quality legal representation at reasonable prices, Harris Sarratt and Hodges is the firm to see.