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Category: Litigation


I was playing (poorly) in a charity golf tournament last week when a friend I had known for more than ten years asked me, “what kind of law do you practice?” I was taken aback.  I had always assumed he knew the specific type of law I practiced.  But it was not my friend’s fault […]

Resist Temptation for the Quick Legal Answer

Well-meaning people occasionally call me saying they have a “quick question” about a legal issue.  I certainly empathize with this expectation.  It is human nature to hope that a vexing legal question may have a simple, tidy, quick answer. But in the legal world, answers are rarely simple and quick.  If you are involved in […]

Pitbull Tactics - Clay Hodges | Harris, Winfield, Sarratt & Hodges, LLP

Recently, a client asked me, “when are you going to become a pitbull and attack?”  The point, of course, is that my client wanted to see me “go after” the opposing side, to “rip him to shreds,” preferably in an open and public setting like a court hearing or trial. Such inquiries are not rare, […]