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N0010912 Osteoarthritis, bilateral hip prostheses
Credit: Wellcome Photo Library. Wellcome Images
Osteoarthritis, bilateral hip prostheses

Xray, hips with artificial joints
1970s to 1986 Published:  - 

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Depuy Orthopaedics (a company owned by Johnson & Johnson) has recently issued a recall of its “ASR” artificial hip components. There has been an alarming failure rate associated with the Depuy ASR XL and ASR Hip Resurfacing System, and patients with a failed hip component may suffer hip pain, inflammation, metal toxicity, loosening of the components, and total hip failure.  Often, these problems require costly and painful hip revision surgeries.

The Depuy ASR Recall applies to hip replacement surgeries using Depuy ASR products performed in July 2003 and thereafter.

If you or someone you know has had hip replacement surgery in the last seven years and suffered complications, please call Clay Hodges at 919-546-8788 for a free consultation.  Our law firm can determine if you have the defective Depuy ASR hip components, and if so, we will work hard to protect your legal interests relating to this unfortunate product failure.

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